About Impact Housing


Impact is solving the housing crisis by using our vertically integrated model to manufacture and deliver new attainable, and attractive unsubsidized housing units for low- and moderate-income renters in California and throughout the US.


The Impact model allows us to build new housing at a significantly lower cost and keep rents affordable for working people.



Impact Housing is on a mission to deliver housing that improves the lives of all low- and moderate-income households



We envision a world where everyone loves where they live – irrespective of income

Vertical Integration

Our vision is effectuated by our vertically integrated model which coordinates all services necessary to develop a high-quality residential building; including but not limited to land acquisition, financing, architectural, engineering, off-site manufacturing, general contracting, property management, and communications.

Our iAcquire team identifies the best sites to build our housing
Our iDevelop team processes approvals and secures project financing
Our Design and Architecture (iDnA) team designs the buildings
Our iManufacture team efficiently assembles the residential modules
Our iConstruct team, a licensed general contractor, sets the completed residential modules and completes on-site construction
Our iGive team ensures the needs of the community around our projects are understood and met

Our Standard

We pride ourselves in our product design leading to the industry’s most efficient high-quality, cost-effective design.

We pride ourselves in developing an efficient product design that can be used across all our projects.

By standardizing our unit designs, we can reduce design costs and give residents a better value for their money.

Modular Construction

Our products are created in an off-site, controlled environment.

Manufacturing our products has many benefits, including time savings, cost efficiencies, reduced waste, and improved safety.

Smart Space

With premium finishes, our modern units have an open floor concept designed for optimal efficiency.

Communities benefit from our efficient units, which offer superior form and function compared to similarly priced, outdated housing.

Our Goal

To deliver 6,500 units per year across Southern California.

That’s 6,500 new deserving households moving into a home that they enjoy living in. 6,500 singles, couples, families that can finally live in a new building with life-enhancing amenities, quality finishes and appliances, and in locations that typically lack new residential offerings.